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Being part of Settle® makes it easy to offer secure and smooth mobile payment solutions to consumers and merchants without the overhead of technical or operational challenges.

Why is Settle the easiest and fastest way to launch mobile payments?

Settle structure

the proven four party model

Settle is based on the world’s most proven payments-scheme structure, enabling you to earn money on all transactions.


Settle for Issuers

Much like card issuing, you make instant revenue when your customers transact with Settle

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Settle for Acquirers

Much like card acquiring, you make instant revenue when your Merchant accepts payments with Settle

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Settle for Merchants

Accept digital payments in any situation, anywhere without having to buy or lease expensive hardware. Settle helps you reach new customers and grow your business.

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Settle for Consumers

Payments isn't fun, but we made it easy. Based on Auka's multi-award winning platform, Settle is the easiest way to pay, shop and manage your money.

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The Settle ecosystem

connecting consumers and businesses

Settle connects consumers, businesses and merchants in an
ecosystem that solves problems and drives revenue. Everybody wins!


What our partners say

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Get to know us

Founded in 2010 we were the first mobile payments company in Scandinavia. In 2014 we launched the first mobile payments app in Norway and since then “The Scandinavian Model” has led to 65% mobile payments adoption in the Nordics.

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