Go Contactless with Settle

This is how you can get the most out of Settle!
March 11, 2020
Settle’s New Look
March 20, 2020

Hi, Settle community! We hope you’re staying safe wherever this post finds you. Settle is just one tool of many that we hope can help us all work together until this unusual Coronavirus situation calms down. 

Here are a few ideas we have about how to use the app right now. 


Skip cash, pay with mobile

  • Your cards’ surface can be dirty and full of bacteria. Digitize your plastic now!
  • Cash might spread germs, but mobile payments do not. 


Pay from afar 

  • Need to pay someone? Settle them from wherever you are. And you can still send heart emojis to your loved ones. 
  • Staying home from the bank? Manage your money on your Settle app. 
  • Working from home? Use Settle to grab a coffee to go from a Settle-friendly coffee shop that is near you. 


Support  your community 

Maybe Settle can help you help others? 

  • Settle your friendly neighbor some money to go grocery shopping for you if you’re staying home. Your neighbor can even request the amount they spent afterward. Maybe your neighbor can send you a grocery list, or if you are not sure which bread he or she wants, you can simply take a photo and send it to them in the Settle chat! Awesome! 
  • Use Settle chat to message people you know.  Staying home is hard, even if you’re an introvert. Use Settle to connect! Send support, remind someone that they are not alone in this.
  • Raise funds to support small businesses, hourly workers and artists being affected by business slowdowns. Send them money with Settle! 


Why wait? Digital payments are instant and free with Settle. 

With Settle, one can send money just as easily as a chat message. Make transactions instantly from your card, bank account, or Settle account. No more account numbers – just use your mobile phone contacts. Tap, tap –  move forward with confidence and control. Now, more than ever. 


Feel free to say hi to your Settle Support if you have any questions.