5 minutes with our Marketing and Brand lead, Cori Ready

Leading mobile payments app Settle arrives in Croatia
July 4, 2019
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September 18, 2019

Auka team members, Cori Ready and Arjun Bhatt at the Croatia launch of Settle.

At Auka, we have an incredibly diverse and talented team of product developers, designers, engineers, customer specialists and marketers, just to name a few. We have over 40 people at our HQ in Oslo, but more importantly than our size is our diversity; 19 nationalities and 60 percent female leadership.

One of our leaders is Cori Ready, our Marketing and Brand lead, who has been busy shifting the perception of mobile payments across Europe, one transaction at a time. We sit down with Cori to find out more about her role, her career and future plans for Settle.

1. What is your role at Auka and what does a day in the life of Cori look like?
Right now, I am the Head of Marketing and PR (acting) until our colleague Jørgen returns from paternity leave then I’ll be working with Brand here at Auka. I’ve been spending the last couple of months really driving the marketing and brand strategy of Settle in Croatia. It’s been a humbling process and I’m so excited that we’re now live in the market, with consumers being able to use Settle to make instant payments, all via their smartphone.

2. What is the best thing about working for a fintech company, and specifically for Auka?

At Auka, we’re triggering a culture shift, and that’s really exciting; not just be a part of, but to drive this change across Europe. The best thing about working at Auka is an awesomely diverse set of international colleagues from so many places. We can truly say we’re a global team with the global trotter at the heart of everything we do.

3. Why do you believe in the future of mobile payments?

I believe mobile payments can empower small business owners and entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and provide for their families. The figures tell a compelling story; mobile payments are completely revolutionising the way consumers and businesses transact with one another, and we’re seeing a steady decline of cash. We believe Settle is the future, and we’re on a mission to bring the future to Europe, today.

4. Who do you think mobile payments will benefit the most?

Mobile payments like Settle will benefit everyone; consumers, small businesses, the elderly and the young. Most of all, it will benefit unbanked people who will be offered security as well as the chance to control their finances in an up-to-the-minute modern way, regardless of their financial standing.

5. What is something interesting about you, share a fun fact!
I am originally from Seattle, WA USA. I have been a wedding planner, a radio DJ, a self-defence instructor, a punk rock activist, and Homecoming Queen. I’ve been skydiving and flown a seaplane. I have worked as a professional fashion stylist, and set decorator. I have strong belief in community spending my time as both a Board Member and Board President of multiple nonprofit organisations in the arts, design and youth media making.