A new agreement that brings Settle to new locations in Croatia

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January 27, 2020
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March 5, 2020

Remaris – the leading payment solution for cafés and restaurants in Croatia

Auka signed an agreement on a distribution and technology partnership with Remaris, the leading provider of payment solutions for the catering and hospitality industry. The agreement makes it possible for all the users of the Remaris system to be able to accept Settle as a way of paying in their catering facilities – be it a café, restaurant or a bistro.

Remaris is currently used by more than 2700 cafés and restaurants throughout the country. Over 17 thousand waiters and other service personnel use one of more than 3400 cash registers powered by the Remaris solution daily. Those numbers are even higher during summer when over 3200 catering facilities use the Remaris platform, which makes Remaris more than 25 percent of the Croatian hospitality market.

Our focus is on digital solutions, which perfectly fits our just-signed agreement on distribution and technology through this new partnership with Auka and Settle. In this way, we provide our users – restaurants and cafés – with the best payment solutions that will also be practical for their guests, said Hrvoje Habjanec, the manager of Remaris.


Gastronomads’ experience and help as a boost for Settle’s implementation

Gastronomads have a consulting role and they help catering and hospitality companies to accept and implement this modern way of paying even faster.

Gastronomads have been working for more than ten years in the gastronomy sector with the goal of raising the level of service in the catering sector, which also includes the implementation of new technologies that lower the costs and make business easier. Our cooperation with Settle for Crossover Festival was our first step in implementing Settle mobile application in catering facilities. We are working intensively on the expansion of the sales network and the contract with Remaris will make it much easier, said Fani Prodan, the marketing director of Gastronomads.


Settle for easier, safer and more comfortable business

The Museum of Broken Relationships, both in its core business and in the accompanying catering services, implements gladly and without reserve, all the new technologies making our business easier, safer, and more comfortable, said Marija Curić, the manager of the Museum of Broken Relationships at the occasion of their starting to accept the Settle mobile payments.

From January you can use Settle to pay in Brokenships Café and Brokenships Bistro (3 Katarina Place), as well as in the Museum of Broken Relationships, Cheese Bar (2 August Cesarec Street), Pomeri (8 Warsaw Street), and Mojo Bar (5 Martić Street) in Zagreb. Find all Settle friendly locations in Croatia here.