Announcing newly appointed Director of Settle Croatia, Hrvoje Kraljević

Leading mobile payments app Settle arrives in Croatia
July 4, 2019
5 minutes with our Marketing and Brand lead, Cori Ready
August 12, 2019

We’re thrilled to announce our newly appointed Director of Settle Croatia, Hrvoje Kraljević.

Hrvoje will be focused on driving Settle across Croatia, bringing awareness of digital payments to consumers and businesses in the region.

“Settle removes any inconveniences from cash transactions between individuals or between merchants and buyers. We want to digitise cash to be practical, safe and even fun, so that consumers and businesses can use their mobile phone to pay for any thing, any service, and with any account to the merchant,” says Hrvoje.

“Mobile payments such as Settle are sky rocketing in terms of usage in the Nordics, the US and China and India. It’s now time to bring these innovations across Europe, and I am delighted to introduce Settle to Croatia. With most transactions in this country being cash, there is a significant opportunity to disrupt the market and embrace digital payments”.

This is an exciting time for Settle. Just this month, we officially launched Settle in Croatia at the Crossover Music Festival in Zagreb, making this the very first mobile payment enabled festival in the country. We also announced our exclusive partnership with leading bank Sberbank. And, just this week we have announced a host of new partners; Neoinfo, Perpetuum and Gastronomadi. We’re excited to bring Settle to Croatia with the help of our amazing network of partners and customers who believe in the future of mobile payments.

If you are in Croatia, you can download Settle today, simply click here.

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