Auka signs strategic deal with 24sata

5 minutes with our Marketing and Brand lead, Cori Ready
August 12, 2019
Settle is first mobile wallet to offer merchant payments in Croatia
October 18, 2019

Leading mobile payment provider continues to drive strong partnerships in Croatia

Today, Auka is excited to announce a strategic partnership with 24sata, Croatia’s leading media company. 

24sata is the most influential media publication in Croatia, with some of the highest numbers of unique readers, and a presence across all media platforms including print, web, mobile, social and video.

Under this strategic partnership, 24sata will promote Auka’s mobile payment app, Settle, across its entire media platform, demonstrating to the Croatian public the benefits of using Settle to send and receive payments to family and friends and to easily make payments to businesses at no cost. The solution is always free for consumers. 

Daniel Doderlein, CEO of Auka says: “We are thrilled to welcome 24sata to our strong network of Distribution Partners. Together, we will work to bring mobile payments to Croatia, and help consumers and businesses understand the benefits of this product so they’re able to get a better knowledge of their finances and make payments instantly, with just a swipe.”

This announcement comes off the back of Auka’s official launch in Croatia, making Settle available for the entire population of Croatians above 16 years old, regardless of bank, telco, device or even lack of bank account. In addition to its availability, Auka also announced its first partnership with innovation Croatian bank, Sberbank. 

Auka is continuing to make rapid progress towards its strategy of building a network of consumers, businesses and Distribution Partners. Settle is the best and easiest way for people to pay and make payments; it removes the inconvenience of cash transactions and lengthy bank account numbers. Users can pay and receive money instantly with their phone, and they can also send money from their debit and credit cards as well as from their bank account to any mobile phone number. The received money is instantly available on the user’s Settle Account and it can also flow directly into the user’s bank account either automatically or with the click of a button. Settle is the best way for private individuals as well as for companies to manage their finances and to grow their business. 

And with much of the Croatian population still heavily relying on cash, there is a significant opportunity to help people transition away from cash and adopt emerging and innovative mobile technology. 

We’re excited to partner with 24sata and bring Settle to more consumers and businesses across Croatia. 

Over the coming months, we will continue to announce additional merchant and distribution partnerships and will share these with you as soon as we can. Stay tuned!