Case Study: The partnership between Auka and Neoinfo

Settle is first mobile wallet to offer merchant payments in Croatia
October 18, 2019
How safe is Settle?
December 2, 2019

The implications for the Croatian market 

Croatia is the first country Settle has launched into with the main goal of digitizing money according to high Scandinavian standards of safety and simplicity. While Croatian citizens are still dependent on cash, the partnership between Neoinfo and Auka is igniting the transition to a cashless society. Neoinfo was the first company to recognize the potential of the Settle app and has, as a result, made it possible for users to experience an easier way to pay each other, and also to pay to merchants. 

Settle removes the inconvenience of cash transactions and enable users to pay instantly from their smartphones to any mobile phone number. Neoinfo together with Auka and Settle, helps consumers as well as businesses to manage their finances and to grow their business. 

In the big picture, this will influence the safety and security of Croatian society. To use your phone to send money to friends and or to pay in a store and online is a major step towards a “cashless” society. Ultimately, this will have an impact on some of the big issues Croatian society is facing such as money laundering and theft.

The number of Adeo POS merchants that have enabled Settle in their store is increasing every day. Apply here if you want to accept Settle.