Case Study: The partnership between Auka and Neoinfo

Settle is first mobile wallet to offer merchant payments in Croatia
October 18, 2019
How safe is Settle?
December 2, 2019

About Settle

“One of the crucial components of our mission with Adeo POS is to constantly improve our product and service with the latest concepts in the sales and retail industry. In this way, our merchants using Adeo POS are assured their POS system is always up-to-date and enables them the maximum returns from their business. Currently, we see the concept of mobile payments as a major shift in the POS business, we recognize Settle as the solution with the most potential, and want Adeo POS and our merchants to join this successful ride as soon as possible.” – Neoinfo CEO Igor Vukmirović

“We believe our customers will soon start using mobile payment schemes, because it means more flexibility for them, but also quicker checkout for our employees. Settle is a very interesting solution because it creates a new dynamic on the point of sale, offers more to the customer and therefore upgrades the whole shopping experience. Our customers love speed and flexibility, and with Settle we will excel at both.” – Here Be Dragons