How to recognise Settle fraudsters or imposters

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July 22, 2020
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September 8, 2020

It’s come to our attention that several imposters are posting ads on Facebook pretending to be Settle. It’s no surprise that all banks and financial services institutions have a constant job in helping their customers to be aware of scams operating under their name or logo.

Some of these fraudsters look pretty convincing. Check out the below ad:


This uses our image, logo and tagline and at first glance it would be easy to believe this was an ad from Settle. But there are small differences. For example, the URL. Our primary URL is and this is the URL we would use when running an ad campaign on Facebook. It’s worth noting that the URL used above is a valid Settle URL but in this case it will have given the referral bonus which was part of the previous campaign to the user posting the ad. 

Additionally, the Facebook page name is Settle for Life, not just Settle.

Someone also set up a fake Facebook page for Settle Croatia.


There are a couple of telltale signs this is a fake. You can see that the cover image is blurry and our MADE IN NORWAY tagline is unreadable. Further, the page was only set up very recently – not long after our current campaign went live. For clarity, this links you to the real Settle Facebook page for Croatia.


Here are a few tips to keep yourself safe when using Settle:

If you’re not sure, ask

If it looks fishy, get in touch with us. You can email: or visit our support page.

You can also find your local Settle support hotline phone numbers on the website. Contact us about any questions relating to Settle or when you have an issue to report.


Only set and enter your Settle PIN in the Settle app

NEVER give your pin to anyone else, not even Settle staff. We will never, ever ask you to tell us your pin number. On that note, make sure your PIN is robust and hard to guess. We never accept PINs that are too easy to guess. We also highly advise you to use biometric login in addition, such as your fingerprint or facial recognition.


Don’t give your account details to support staff

All we need is your mobile phone number to be able to help you. We’ll ask you some simple control questions about account activity to verify your identity, but we’ll never ask you for your account details, PIN or card number. If someone asks you this, it’s not us.


Don’t install apps from outside the Apple App Store or Google Play

When you install apps from outside the App Store or Google Play you expose yourself to threats which aren’t under the control of the security experts who work hard every day to keep their operating systems safe.

Don’t install any apps from outside these two places.

Make sure you only install the official Settle app


Is there anything we’ve missed? Get in touch to let us know. We appreciate your support and if you see anything unusual, please let us know using the chat functionality or any of the contact details on our dedicated support page.