Settle for all in Cyprus!

Settle Retrospective: Milestones in 2019
December 17, 2019
A new agreement that brings Settle to new locations in Croatia
February 14, 2020

Settle Cyprus as a new way to connect: Payments by all to all!

Brought by JCC Payment Systems in collaboration with Auka, Settle Cyprus was presented to the media and public this Wednesday for the first time! Organized press gathering and presented Settle’s vision as coming together. The message about Settle and its service to make transactions easier for everyone got accepted with great excitement immediately.

Currently, Settle is a completely new and innovative way to send money in Cyprus. Everyone can connect and send money instantly, regardless of bank or telecommunications provider. Also, it is already possible to pay with Settle in a few merchant places, such as the Second Cup. 

Settle was also presented at the Cyprus FinTech Expo 3.0!

On Thursday, the day after the press conference, Settle was presented on the stage of the Cyprus FinTech Expo 3.0. It was a one-day event bringing together the leading experts from the financial services industry and FinTech companies in Cyprus and beyond. 


AUKA CEO Daniel Doderlein co-presented Digital payments with Dr Nicodemos Damianou, CEO of JCC Payment Systems of Cyprus. The joint presentation also outlined the launch of Settle Cyprus for the crowd. Nicodemos provided an overview of FinTech and mobile payments on Cyprus while Daniel shared many of the main use cases that can appeal to users of the Settle app. 



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