Settle is first mobile wallet to offer merchant payments in Croatia

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September 18, 2019
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October 29, 2019

Croatia is the first market where Auka has launched Settle, a new application for mobile payments which will soon be available in other European countries. Settle was created in order to remove all the impracticalities usually connected with cash transactions as well as the long account numbers in cashless money transfers. Until now, users could rely on Settle to send money to their friends and relatives quickly and easily. Now Settle makes it possible to pay merchants in Croatia. 


What do merchants get from using Settle?

There are numerous advantages in paying with Settle, both for users and merchants. Users can use Settle to pay from any of the supported credit and debit cards, while merchants – who don’t want to use cashless payments for various reasons – now have a simpler and more cost-effective way to accept the latest means of payment – using mobile phones – without investing in frequently unprofitable POS devices accompanied by complex contractual obligations to banks. Besides, Settle, thanks to the integration done by Neoinfo, complies with all the norms of fiscalisation, so the merchants don’t have to take care of that at all.

“I believe this step will significantly increase the number of users and stimulate interest in using mobile payments for merchants can now – with Settle coming to Croatia – readily accept all the other forms of payments they couldn’t before because of high mandatory costs. Our first merchant-partners who accept Settle are just the beginning of a strong network of partners throughout Croatia.”, said Marko Koprivić, Head of Partner Operations in Settle Croatia


First impressions from merchants: Settle is quick and easier

“Little Coffee Shop, just like citizens who have a high degree of IT literacy and keep up with the technology, wants to follow the latest trends and to make our offers and services even more accessible to our valued customers, and give them an opportunity to have a safer, easier, and a faster way to pay the bill.” said Tomislav Vlaović from Little Coffee Shop (Mala kavana) at Ban Jelačić Square 5.

“The solution is very interesting because it creates a new dynamic at the point of sale, offers more possibilities for our customers and therefore makes the user experience in the shop better. Our customers appreciate speed and flexibility, and we increase both with Settle,” we were told in collectibles shop Here be dragons at Tkalčić St. 34. 

“Introducing mobile payments in our academy means quick and simple payments for education of our instructors, and that we avoid processes we had before, like sending a proof of payment.” said professor Damir Siser, the owner and manager of Prof. Siser Body-Building and Fitness Academy, the company managing the Gladiator fitness centres, too.

Bigger picture 

With Settle, everybody can pay or receive a payment in an instant, just by using their mobile phone number. The users can send money from their debit and credit cards, or from their bank account, to any mobile phone number. Money received becomes immediately available in the Settle user account. It can also be automatically redirected and saved into a bank account without any fees. Settle is the best way for individuals and companies to handle financial transactions, manage their money, and improve their business.

Users can download Settle for iOS and Android at Merchants interested in accepting Settle as a means of payment can find the relevant info at and register for use at