Settle sponsors Croatia’s leading music festival, making it possible for attendees to pay with payment app

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June 28, 2019
Leading mobile payments app Settle arrives in Croatia
July 4, 2019

We are proud to be sponsoring the Crossover Festival, Croatia’s leading music event, hosting more than 12, 000 music lovers in Zagreb.

With this partnership, Crossover will be the first mobile enabled music festival in the country, meaning attendees will be able to pay at food stalls using just their mobile device, and the Settle app. Find out more here:

Settle will be live at Crossover Music Festival

People at the event will be encouraged to download the app, leaving the hassles and inconveniences of cash at home. With Settle, music attendees will be able to:

  • Use Settle to avoid queues and never miss a song/performance
  • Faster checkout at any bar or food stalls with Settle
  • Send money to their  friends instantly to buy food and drinks
  • Request money from friends just like a text message
  • Chat with friends on Settle and share photos and emojis
  • Request money from family/friends to spend at Crossover

This opportunity with Crossover is made possible through Gastronomadi, one of the key players in the HoReCa sector in Croatia who has helped Settle connect to stalls and shops, and Neoinfo and their product Adeo POS, who have helped drive the integration of Settle at the food and drink stalls. 

We’re excited to bring this innovative, next-gen tech to Croatian music lovers this week! You can find out more about Crossover here: