This is how you can get the most out of Settle!

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March 5, 2020
Go Contactless with Settle
March 13, 2020

Settle is a completely agnostic, independent app that is not launched, built or funded by a bank. Anyone can experience the benefits of this app!  The following is how you can get the most out of the Settle app and your own Settle account. 


Step 1: Getting started 

As we mentioned before, Settle doesn’t divide people! We don’t care which provider or bank you use, as long as you want to send and receive money quickly and safely – this is our only condition. We also don’t have any hidden fees, downloading the Settle app is completely free. 


Step 2: We will give great security in partnership with you!

We never accept PINs that are easy to guess. We don’t have anything personal against the birthdate of your sweetie, but we are talking about money here! 🙂 We highly advise you to use a biometric login, such as a fingerprint or facial recognition. 

As an extra step towards the safety of your money, we recommend you verify your identity. It is super simple and quick, but it can make a huge difference in case, for example, you want to change your phone number or reduce the chances of unauthorized access to your account. Read here how to do that. Once you are done, we will approve your identity and just like that – the limits for your transactions increase and your safety is even stronger!


Step 3: Don’t be the last to hear the good news: Turn on notifications 

Refreshing the page is too old school. With your notifications on, you will know everything – when your identity is approved, when you receive a message or even sweeter – when you receive money! 

It is that simple, and we promise you – we will not bother you with many irrelevant and boring notifications. 


Step 4: Connect with friends and merchants 

This is one of the biggest advantages of the Settle app. By allowing access to contacts and your location, you can send money as simple and fast as a message in any messenger – even to merchants, of course! We will help you to pay faster and, again, safer. Because manually writing phone numbers or IBAN belongs to the last decade. 

Aside from this, you are the one who is in control of your data. Some merchants might ask you for permission to access your data. This is a convenient way for you and the business to exchange data in a secure way, such as your loyalty card information, name and shipping details, email and more. But it is up to you to decide what you want to share. 


Step 5: Add card

Add a card by snapping a photo of your card or manually entering the card information. Cards are verified by a small authorization transaction to ensure the card is valid, and we use 3D Secure when available, to keep you and all other cardholders safe. Once your card is added you can choose to charge the card for payments you make with Settle.

It is up to you to decide what will be your receiving account – your personal Settle account or directly to your card. You can try one of these and see what you prefer, because you can always change that! Read here how to change or configure your receiving account


If you have any troubles or questions, read our FAQ for known issues or say hi to our super friendly Settle Support! 

You can download Settle for iOS and Android at Play store or clicking here.

We hope you like your Settle experience!