Young and Influential: Rasta with Settle and JoomBoos

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December 2, 2019
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December 17, 2019

We are excited to be working with one of the most up and coming young influencers in Croatia, Borna Rastović. More popularly known as Rasta to his hundreds of thousands of followers on Instagram and YouTube, Rasta’s mononym came as a nickname as a young boy, derived from his last name. The numbers 8 and 9 in his handle represent his birth date. Rasta lives in the southeast of Zagreb in Ivanić Grad and when he is not writing raps and performing, he is training with a local club in his beloved sport of football. 

Rasta is like most young men – he likes to hang out with his friends and have fun. The difference with this social influencer is that he often does it on camera accompanied by thousands of interactions with his followers.



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I have a bag full of smiles.😄 #autumn

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Together, we made and this week, published, a funny pizza taste test video with some friends in Zagreb. And, now, at the time of writing, that same pizza YouTube video by Joomboos, Settle and Rasta is trending in Croatia! Which means it is one of the most watched videos in the country. It is a combination of views and engagement, currently it has over 86,516 views, 5,800 likes and nearly 1000 comments and counting. The YouTube video has gone viral and the stories JoomBoos have shared have gotten around 30k engagements per story. We love working with Rasta and JoomBoos as they are wildly creative.

A little more about Rasta and the collaboration…

We are working with Rasta as part of our partnership with leading media company 24Sata and one of their brands JoomBoos. JoomBoos is the leading digital youth brand in Croatia. It covers everything generation Z finds interest in, from life stories to fashion,  gaming, and everything fun! JoomBoos works with content creators by publishing their photos, stories, and articles and videos, creating the place to be for youth conversations in Croatia. 

We are so excited to be working with Rasta to represent Settle because he is one of the most famous influencers all while being super fintech savvy. Now Settle is part of the stories he shares with his followers. It’s incredibly rewarding for us to see people connecting the product we work so hard on with real uses in their daily lives! It is an exciting meeting of the minds, with Settle, JoomBoos, and Rasta!

Keep watching to see what’s next from this great collaboration!