Senior React Native Developer



We are looking for a
Senior React Native Developer

Do you want to make a fantastic company even better? We are looking for a Senior React Native Developer.

Besides cutting-edge technology and a bold vision to become the European mobile payments scheme, Auka is the result of amazing people working together.

We are not a family, but a strong team of caring individuals. The company has had a fantastic journey, and to write the next chapter in our story we are looking for a dedicated, ambitious and enthusiastic Frontend Developer.

We have been around for a while, but we’re still a start-up in our heart and minds, so we all have many roles and responsibilities.

We’re looking for an ambitious individual with a solid technical background that is interested in helping us build both the future of payments and the future of Auka!

You’re someone experienced in working with React Native, or native Android/iOS development combined with other Javascript development. You care about things like code quality and unit testing, but you also like to sweat the details of a beautiful yet functional UI.

You have:

  • Several years experience as a software developer, with at least a year’s experience doing mobile app development
  • Experience with React Native, or experience with React and traditional native development with Java or Swift/Objective-C
  • A passion for making stuff that is intuitive and easy to use
  • An interest in building modern financial services that challenge the old and entrenched players in the payment space
  • Have an eye for details not only while coding but also for UI and UX
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills (english)
  • As one of the first employees at our Romania office, you will be a driving force for building a great working culture in general, and around frontend development in particular

Nice to have:

  • Familiar with ES6 syntax
  • Experience with popular react state containers such a Redux or MobX
  • Experience writing tests using frameworks such as Jest and Detox
  • Experience with NoSQL databases (i.e. Firebase, MongoDB)
  • Experience using agile software development (we do a mix of Scrum and Kanban)

We offer:

  • A cross-platform, unit tested React Native app backed by a Python backend running on Google App Engine and using Google Firestore for app state synchronization
  • A tight-knit tech team of 8 talented developers
  • To be part of building up Auka’s development office in Bucharest
  • Competitive compensation

If you want to apply, we want:

  • A CV with info on what have you done so far – not as a list of names and buzzwords, but as you would explain it to another programmer over a cold beverage
  • What your favorite technical stack is, and more importantly, why
  • Why you work as a developer and what your dream project is

For information and questions, please contact our Team Lead, Marius Furtuna:

To apply, send us an email at:


About Auka

Recently awarded the fastest growing FinTech company in Europe, Middle East and Africa by Deloitte Fast 500, we are reinventing the realm of banking with cutting edge mobile financial services built to solve actual pains.

Auka is on track to become a leading international fintech company, helping banks around the globe to deliver better banking. Auka was the first company to launch a mobile wallet in Norway, and the first company to run an FSA-regulated payments platform 100% in the cloud. The company has had a fantastic journey so far and are excited to bring our solutions to financial institutions around the world.

For more information about Auka, check out our About section, our popular Blog and our Pressroom section.

…or watch this video about us: