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Settle vision

Our vision is to digitise money, making it universally available and useful for people and businesses.

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A model for partnership

Award winning technology and a beautiful product is not enough to win. By innovating the business model, enabling joint local ownership, scheme participation amongst competitors, including non-financial institutions, and by ensuring fair and performance-based revenue distribution, we have managed to secure massive, trustworthy and locally acclaimed distribution.


Powerful and versatile yet easy to use

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Joining Settle as a Distribution Partner

Distribution partners (DP) of Settle earn commission on all revenue generated by customers they bring to the scheme, both consumers and businesses. It’s much like issuing a card, except there is no card and there is no financial risk. Monetise your customer base and distribution power, join Settle as a DP. Contact sales.

Joining Settle as a Domestic SPV investor

In each market we set up a local legal entity that manages the Settle franchise and earns on all revenue made in the territory. If you consider joining as a distribution partner (DP) or simply would like to join as a pure financial investor, the scheme structure and standard delivery model of Settle makes for a high yield yet local investment.

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